Complete Series Bibles for Writers Bundle DIGITAL BUNDLE

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This is a bundle of three PDFs meant to be used on an iPad or tablet with PDF note-taking or editing software. These workbooks are designed to prompt you into creating an immersive world filled with captivating characters. You fill in the details of YOUR "series bible" using an apple pencil, stylus, finger, or typed text boxes. It's easily navigated, with an interactive contents and fully tabbed pages. Contents can be searched for quick reference while you're writing, (and if you're using the GoodNotes app to fill in these workbooks, you can even search your own handwriting!)
Bundle includes:
  • The Only Character Workbook You'll Ever Need: Your New Character Bible DIGITAL EDITION
  • The Only World Building Workbook You'll Ever Need: Your New Setting Bible DIGITAL EDITION
  • The Only Fantasy Workbook You'll Ever Need DIGITAL EDITION